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Marenheit 451 Cover

Winter Wrap Pack

Hi! Came to enjoy a hot cup of cocoa or here to help clear out the snow? Maybe you'd prefer to wake up all the lil' critters still asleep?
Whatever it may be, we appreciate your help!

Celebrate the wrapping up of winter and the coming of spring with this Pay-what-you-want artpack put together by /mlp/ and associates! Help us rescued horses as they are nursed back to health while also getting to enjoy a small pack filled with music, art, writing and, of course, mares, mares and even more mares.

Artists include but are not limited to the anonymous hacker called 4chan, Rhorse, Happy Harvey, SeafoodDinner, TheBatfang, Yelowcrom, Applephil and many, many more.

All collected proceeds go to the Days End Farm Horse Rescue charity